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Top 10 Benefits of using a bidet

Why use a Bidet? FAQ's

Bath Butler Bidets is on a mission to help educate traditional "wipers" to the many benefits of using water-spray bidet products for a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom "experience," while helping save trees and our environment by reducing the consumption of bathroom toilet paper products.


Americans use more toilet paper than any other country in the world. Why? Because that's what our parents taught us, and their parents taught them... it's okay, we get it.  But we're in a new world, where cleanliness has taken on a whole new meaning and greater importance for our own health, and others.  Modern bidet toilet seats make it easy to upgrade your bathroom experience, improving overall cleanliness and health.


See below for the TOP 10 Reasons and Benefits for upgrading to an easy-to-install Bidet Toilet Seat.

  • Water Cleans Better
    Washing with Water is More hygienic than using Toilet Paper. Modern bidets are self-cleaning, and easy to install. are much more comfortable and effective in cleaning “down there” than wiping alone. The latest models include UV Sterilization to clean the wand and nozzle, plus traditional features like heated seats and on-demand endless supply of adjustable temperature Warm Water spray. To see the latest in bidet seat technology, check out the super sleek, low-profile design and features of the new Eco-NOVA and Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, with UV Sterilization and unlimited supply of warm water.
  • Saves Money and Pays for Itself
    A Bidet pays for itself, because you use less Toilet Paper (typically 80% Less, or more). No more worry about Toilet Paper costs and availability. Most electric bidet seats include super-comfortable and effective Warm-Air Dryers, so the use of toilet paper can be virtually eliminated. It’s a wonderful experience being properly cleaned and dried.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    It's more friendly to our Environment, saving our Forests, our Wildlife, and their natural habitat. Your efforts and contributions toward reducing paper consumption can save millions of trees, fuel, electricity, and chemicals used to manufacture Toilet Paper. Think about it... all that destruction and expense to create something to flush down the drain. ​ There are many non-electric bidet seat attachments costing less than $100 to help you contribute to the environment, while improving your "bathroom experience."
  • Improved Health
    Using a bidet to properly clean yourself with water is much better for your overall Health, especially if you have physical issues making it difficult to wipe, suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, rash, or a variety of other issues. Many electric bidets include Remote Control so there’s no twisting, reaching, or discomfort operating the features and functions of the bidet seat.
  • Add some Luxury to your "bathroom experience""
    For many, personal time in the bathroom is a welcome relief and reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. A bidet adds an element of Luxury and greater cleanliness to your existing Bathroom, without costly remodeling. Typical installation takes under 15 minutes. All models come with standard water connection adapters and hoses to easily install onto your existing toilet. We have options for everyone, offering models that fit ROUND or ELONGATED shaped toilets.
  • Improved Hygiene for You and Your Family
    Reinforces the importance and establish good hygiene practice to your children, helping ensure their long term health and cleanliness. Most electric bidet seats offer a self-cleaning function, pre- and post-wash cycle rinse, and are made of quality materials to remain clean and easy to maintain. Check out all the options and cleaning functions of the Bio Bidet Bliss Series, which has additional “inside-out” nozzle cleaning function.
  • Easier on Plumbing & Septic Systems
    Virtually eliminates clogged toilets, because you use much less (if any) toilet paper. Less Paper is MUCH better for plumbing and septic systems. Plunging or “snaking” a toilet is not fun for anyone, and certainly not a clean thing to do. Plumbers are expensive… and who wants a dirty plunger sitting around in the bathroom? ​ You don't need to remodel your bathroom to add bidet cleansing functionality to your routine. We offer a variety of options from non-electric bidet attachments, electric bidet seats, to complete toilet replacements with bidet cleaning functionality.
  • Easy to Install, Clean and Maintain"
    An easy-to-install upgrade and seat replacement to your existing toilet. A traditional bidet is a totally separate unit from the toilet, requiring additional plumbing, as well as additional space in your bathroom. With Electric and non-Electric models to fit ROUND or ELONGATED style toilets, Bath Butler Bidets offers several high-quality bidet seats from well-known manufacturers known for their reputation and customer service, such as Bio Bidet, Alpha, Brondell, Clean Sense, Novita by Kohler, and more.
  • A great alternative to costly toilet paper - there's a bidet to fit everyone's budget and needs
    Consider how much you or your family spend on toilet paper products each month / year, plus the time and fuel to go purchase and bring it home (assuming you can find it these days). It's easy and inexpensive to start with an economical bidet attachment, which is easily installed on your existing toilet, and can easily pay for itself by saving money on paper products. Many users report their paper consumption is reduced by 75% or more. Some have eliminated toilet paper completely - switching to washable cloths for patting dry after a spray water cleaning. ​ There is something special about the whole experience. Many customers wonder why they never invested in bidets before, and vow to never go back to using only toilet paper products.
  • Modernizing Your Home
    And finally, a Bidet Seat is a good investment and responsible thing to invest in during these trying times. People of all ages are investing in their homes, adding smart home devices, automating lights, adding voice controls, and much more. The recent run on Toilet Paper products has helped encourage us to look at cleaner and healthier alternatives to our household and bathroom cleanliness, health and hygiene. Let us help you find yours now!

Shop our Line-up. 

You could be the trendsetter for your family, or first in your neighborhood or social circles to adapt to what most of the world has already learned: Washing with Water is Better than Wiping with Paper, and helps save the environment.  We’re confident you’ll be amazed and wonder how you ever lived with a bidet.

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