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Top 10 Benefits of using a bidet

Why use a Bidet? FAQ's

Bath Butler Bidets is on a mission to help educate traditional "wipers" to the many benefits of using water-spray bidet products for a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom "experience," while helping save trees and our environment by reducing the consumption of bathroom toilet paper products.


Americans use more toilet paper than any other country in the world. Why? Because that's what our parents taught us, and their parents taught them... it's okay, we get it.  But we're in a new world, where cleanliness has taken on a whole new meaning and greater importance for our own health, and others.  Modern bidet toilet seats make it easy to upgrade your bathroom experience, improving overall cleanliness and health.


See below for the TOP 10 Reasons and Benefits for upgrading to an easy-to-install Bidet Toilet Seat.

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You could be the trendsetter for your family, or first in your neighborhood or social circles to adapt to what most of the world has already learned: Washing with Water is Better than Wiping with Paper, and helps save the environment.  We’re confident you’ll be amazed and wonder how you ever lived with a bidet.

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Easy-install bidet cleansing solutions for your existing toilets.

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