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About Us.

Harmony Bath Products LLC is a family-owned and operated business located in Vinton VA (Roanoke County), amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains region of Southwest Virginia.  We are passionate about helping others, protecting our environment, our freedoms, and America's future.


We are blessed to have opportunities to help others improve their quality of life, while helping protect our environment.

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Join the Movement. 
Stop Wiping, and Start Washing.

We believe "the good life" is what you make it, not what you have, how much money you make, who you know or where you came from.  Health and happiness is a common goal we all seek, and we enjoy helping others achieve both (and more) by giving back whenever we can, caring and sharing, learning something new each day... and making new friends along the way.

Having discovered bidets during international travel, as Americans, we were struck by how our homeland - the United States of America -  had never adopted this common sense way of cleaning following a trip to the bathroom.  For a country built on freedom, innovation, technology and so much more... well, you get it.  So, we set out to do something about!

Welcome to, by Harmony Bath Products LLC.


 Our goal is to share and advance America's knowledge of bidets, that washing with fresh-water is easy and much better than wiping with paper.  With modern bidet add-on seats and attachments like those offered here on our website, it's easy to add water cleansing functionality to existing toilets to help improve health and hygiene, and make a meaningful impact on protecting and saving our environment.

We are an Authorized Dealer for several top manufacturers, offering a collection of high-quality “smart toilet seat” and bidet attachment products.  We always search for and offer only the highest-quality products manufactured and supported by top-quality reputable Companies who share our vision of service, customer support, commitment to excellence, and stewardship of our environment.

To ensure our inventory is top of the line, we seek to collaborate with the best brands and designers in the industry, like TOTO, American Standard, Bio Bidet, and more.

We appreciate any opportunity to help those interested in learning more or in search of a solution that meets specific needs or budget.  We truly seek to EARN our customer's business, and stand by the most basic principal of being "at your service."

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